Watertown Community Information

When Watertown was founded in 1630, it was the first inland settlement in Massachusetts. It initially encompassed the present communities of Weston and Waltham and large portions of Lincoln, Belmont and Cambridge. At that time, it was one of the largest American settlements. It has since become smaller and remains very tight-knit. Between 1630 and today, Watertown has seen an astounding array of historic events. Notably, onetime resident Paul Revere printed the first money for the province of Massachusetts in Watertown.

Watertown offers easy access to Boston, one of the most exciting and historic cities in the country. Boston proudly displays its colonial past, having served a crucial role in our nation?s development from the time of the pilgrims right through the Revolutionary War.

Present-day Boston features plenty of skyscrapers, a thriving economy and culture and nightlife to spare. The city is also proud of its excellent blending of past and present, seen in attractions such as the redeveloped Quincy Market. Among other great destinations in town is Freedom Trail. This walking tour meanders through some of the most important historical sites in the city that was the birthplace of the American Revolution. Beacon Street features the magnificent State House and stately historic mansions. Boston is also home to teams in each of the four major professional sports. From sports to nightlife to culture and historical sites, you are sure to find plenty to do in Boston.

Though many Watertown residents are commuters to Boston, there are also many that work right in their hometown. Access to Boston is easy by freeway or by public transportation. No matter where you are headed in the Boston metro area, Watertown is a good starting point. Watertown also offers a strong sense of community and excellent public schools. For these and many other reasons, the town is an ideal place to relocate and to raise a family.

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